The Walking OG 612

Season 6; Episode 12 | Not Tomorrow Yet

Air Date: 06 March 2016

The Walking OG 612

Tribalrants unofficial podcast for the wildly popular AMC hit, The Walking Dead


Rick and the gang make it home from Hilltop and share the plans to wipeout Neegan and The Saviors. Unsurprisingly, Morgan opposes this action. Tough warrior Carol seems to be happiest when cookie baking and mothering the town, and offers some advice to Maggie about mothering as well. We also see the beginning of something between Carol and Tobin. Rick has no trouble punching a zombie face to achieve his goal of tricking The Saviors into thinking it’s Gregory, to Andy’s mild horror. Abraham picks a stressful time to pack his bags and tell Rosita that she’s not the only woman in the world, leaving her sobbing with no one but Eugene to offer comfort.

A bloodbath ensues with The Saviors, but we think for a brief minute that it’s over and Alexandria won, until a message over the loud speaker invokes horror.


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